Recently our team leader was offered an opportunity overseas and left the organisation unexpectedly. Leaving behind a crucial leadership gap that needed to be filled. Realistically, recruiting for a senior role can take weeks or even months to conclude. Given that I had the most experience and time in the team, the organisation naturally leaned towards delegating the more senior tasks to me. Business does not stop when someone leaves, stepping up to this opportunity meant stepping out of my comfort zone Moving into this uncharted space has obviously lead me to new challenges with added responsibilities and expectations. In some ways, it felt like riding a bicycle for the first time, a little unbalanced at first but with patience and practice, the ride has become smoother. This would undoubtedly impact positively on my career goals if I was able to step up quickly and with the required leadership. Although it has been a daunting and uncomfortable change for me, in hindsight the stretch has allowed me realise the extent of my resilience and appetite for leadership.