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Omnicor’s coaching approach is a well-established and proven aspect of what we do to help individuals and groups develop a wide variety of personal competencies. Our values and passion for coaching drive the coaching team here at Omnicor. We are client focused and practice heroic customer service with a solution-focused and success-oriented approach. We provide ongoing support and feedback with the goal to build lasting relationships.

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The world has come a long way since the middle ages, where tyrannical kings were placed in charge of people, and ruled through fear, cruelty, war, oppression and almost limitless power. The Enlightenment and other forces in world history brought about a move towards Democracy. This was meant to save us from all the issues of birth-right leadership, Feudalism and a host of incorrigible systems. But did it? The idea that if most of the people in some place vote a person into government, that must be for the greater good and that the leader will do what is best for everyone. If only! How rarely it seems to work like that. Of course, democracy is complicated and there are countless dynamics, logistics and political realities that throw curve balls into the equation. One way or another, nations great and small appear to land up with leaders who seem like the worst people for the job rather than the best. Surely, we can come up with something better?  Well the corporate world has dealt with this in a well-researched manner that uses good science to predict job performance. If we are able to predict if some junior manager is going to perform well in a role, shouldn’t we be applying that science in the political arena as well? If we are concerned enough to avoid a bad hire in an office park, wouldn’t we want to assess the president of the country, where the stakes are so much higher?

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